Thinking About Visiting
On this site, you will find ministry information, our statement of faith (doctrinal stand), archived sermons, and much more.   We trust that this web site will be a help to you.  We hope getting to know us online inspires you to come check out our church in person some time!  We would love to help you find your place in our church!
Of course the best way to get to know us is to attend our regular services, or join us in one of our many different church ministries.   There’s a lot more we could tell you about who we are, our church’s ministries, and the way we actively spread God’s love in our community, but we’ll keep it short here.  Please feel free to explore our website more or contact us if you have questions.
We trust that you will not only become acquainted with the ministry, but also come see us in the near future if at all possible.