Service Plan & Guidelines 

RRBC will hold public services beginning Sunday, May 17

(we will continue to Facebook Live stream all services) 

under the following guidelines:

1. We respect each person to allow every individual to assess the risk and decide whether to attend services or not, as their conscience dictates.

2. If you are ill or have had symptoms (fever, cough, or shortness of breath) in the last 14 days, if you are elderly or have a compromised immune system, if you are a healthcare worker and have potentially been exposed to Covid-19, if you have recently traveled to a highly infected area (by car or plane), if you will returning to work or other environments where you could carry the virus back to vulnerable individual, or fitting any of these criteria, please consider remaining home and following our services online.

3. We will have two identical services (9:30am & 11:00am). We will make every attempt to begin and end promptly on time.

4. Make use of the hand sanitizer stations and hand-washing.

5. Consider using face coverings & gloves (masks will be available on a limited basis).

6. Refrain from physical contact or touching multiple surfaces.

7. Maintain physical distancing of six feet apart from each other.

8. We will not be using song books or pew Bibles for the time being.

9. Please leave when dismissed by section and do not congregate in hallways.

10. Maintain social distancing of six feet and family units will sit together in designated seating.

11. No nursery will be provided. Children must sit and stay with parents at all times (please do not allow them to go unattended throughout the building).

12. Janitors will sanitize between services.

13. Ushers will not shake hands and no coffee or refreshments will be available.

14. Doors will remain open during services.

15. Offering will be received by means of a plate near the sanctuary exits.

16. Sunday School classes will meet at 6pm on Sunday nights.


Q: Are the 9:30am and 11am services the same? 
A: Yes, they will be identical services.
Q: Do I have to come? 
A: No, we will still have services available on Facebook live.
Q: Do I or my child have to wear a mask? 
A: No, you can choose to wear your own, or for a $2 donation, limited supplies will be available at the front door.
Q: Can I attend both services? 
A: No, we prefer you choose one, as they will be identical.
Q: Can I shake hands or hug? 
A: No, we discourage physical contact.
Q: Can I sing? 
A: Yes, but please maintain social distancing, and all words will be on the screens.
Q: Can I wear my PJs as I do when watching Facebook Live? 
A: No, no one wants to see that, plus Batman and bunny slippers are distracting.
Q: Can I talk with people in the hallways? 
A: No, we encourage people not to congregate, but to exit the building.
Q: Can I talk in the parking lot? 
A: No, if you are attending the early (9:30am) service, we ask that you exit the building and parking lot by 10:45am to make room for the 11:00am attendees.
Q: Can I bring my own coffee? 
A: Yes, but we ask that you have a secure lid.
Q: Can I use the restroom? 
A: Yes, but we ask that you thoroughly wash your hands and try to refrain from touching surfaces.
Q: What if someone reaches to shake my hand? 
A: Wave and say good morning.
Q: Can I bring a visitor? 
A: Yes, ask long as they submit to all guidelines. 
Q: Can I use a songbook? 
A: No, the words will be available on the screen.
Q: Can I attend the evening Sunday School hour and Wednesday night?
A: Yes, but we ask that you adhere to the same service guidelines. Again, all services will still be available through Facebook live and can be viewed at any time.
Q: Can I get a bulletin? 
A: Not a physical copy, but they will be made available online. 


We will still be broadcasting our services live on Facebook. You can join us by simply going to and clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page or you can also go to (you do not need to be a member of Facebook to view services).
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL: Adult class will meet at 6:00pm & will be available on Facebook Live.
  • SUNDAY WORSHIP: Worship will be at 9:30am & 11:00am & will available on Facebook Live.
  • SUNDAY EVENING: Sunday School will be in place of the Sunday Evening service at 6pm.
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Bible study & prayer time will meet at 7pm & will available on Facebook Live. (No Kids4Truth)
  • CHILDRENS SUNDAY SCHOOL: Parents! We are planning a connect time on Sunday evening via zoom, more info to follow. We also encourage you to use the following resource that is available to continue the lessons that the children are presently learning. Since we purchase this curriculum for our church, the registration/service is free:
  • First-Time Users:
    • Step 1: Click on the link:
    • Step 2: Click on “Register” if you are a new user (or “Log In” if you already have an account)
    • Step 3: Enter this redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38
    • Step 4: Click “Access” (you will need to login on the new window that opens) and then click “My Dashboard” and go to LifeWay Kids at Home
    • Step 5: Download your Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet to use as you watch the video session
  • Returning Users:
    • Step 1: Click on the link:
    • Step 2: Click on Login / Register and sign in
    • Step 3: Click on “My Dashboard” and the LifeWay Kids at Home icon will be at the top; click on icon
        • Watch the Intro Video (the current video for the day is all the way at the bottom under the applicable date). After the video, click the BACK button in your browser to return to the main menu, or swipe left on your iPhone
        • Get the Downloads at the top right of this page: Print the Activity Page & One Conversation Guide
        • Gather your Family around your computer or mobile device. Open your Bible to the scripture passage on the One Conversation page
        • Watch the Video portion together as a family
        • Talk About the Story and the topic of the week with your family. Ask open-ended questions. Share your insights and encourage your kids to talk
  • TITHES & OFFERINGS: You can mail your giving or securely give online through this link: The work of Christ depends upon the faithful support of each one of us. Praise the Lord for His provision!