Often, people who attend church for the first time or those who return to church after many years discover that church isn’t at all what they thought it was.  In fact, many are surprised to find just about everything but church happening!  As many churches have made the transition to “contemporary culture”, something precious has been lost.  The focus seems to have somehow shifted from God and his grace to man and his “greatness”.  While many churches are oriented to the “all about me” mentality, Radisson Road still strives to be “all about God.”  The difference is refreshing and timeless.  At Radisson Road things are different.  Here you will find a loving congregation of Bible believing Christians who know that the Gospel is essential to meeting man’s needs.  We still sing the old hymns and gospel songs (right out of a hymnal–just like you remember) along with new songs that lift up the name of Jesus.  Our services are heart-warming and traditional–the kind of worship you may remember from a kinder, gentler era. The preaching and teaching is Christ-centered, expository, and Biblical. We believe in “rightly dividing the Word of truth” so that teaching from the Bible is clear and understandable.  You will find familiarity and beauty in the exultant language of the Bible, along with comforting melodies and sound doctrine in the unsurpassed beauty of our hymns and songs of praise.  In short, our focus is on God, and our services are times set aside to honor Him.  Our church family is made up of people of all ages and all stages of life and Christian experience.  Whether you are a seasoned Christian looking for solid Bible preaching and teaching, a new believer seeking fellowship, or an individual seeking spiritual truth and asking questions, you will find a place at Radisson Road.