Doctrinal Agreement

The following persons shall be in agreement with the doctrinal position of the church: Pastor, all elected or appointed church officers, all officers, teachers, and leaders in the Sunday School, youth program, and all other church organizations. There shall be no unofficial church organizations, and all officers, teachers, and leaders shall be members of this church.
Should an individual included in Section IV-A above change his or her doctrinal position and become in disagreement with the statement of faith, that individual shall be obligated to resign from the place of responsibility. Should it come to the attention of the pastor that such an individual has changed in doctrinal position but has not resigned, it shall be the responsibility of the pastor to dismiss the individual from his office or responsibility.

Associational Affiliations

This church is an autonomous Baptist church under the headship of Christ and the leadership of a God-given pastor. Organizational affiliation shall be only with such organizations and associations which manifest agreement with the doctrinal position of this church. Upon an announcement made at least two (2) successive Sundays prior to the date of voting and upon a majority of members present and voting, the church may choose to affiliate or to disaffiliate with any local, state, or national association of churches; or it may, for reasons known itself, choose to remain unaffiliated with any group of churches. In the event that it does affiliate with an association of churches, such affiliation shall be understood to affect in no way the rights, powers, and privileges of the church, either as related to its property or the operation of its affairs. Withdrawal from any and all affiliations shall in no wise jeopardize its property.